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Practicum100 is an intensive program built by Practicum by Yandex, designed to train 100 talented individuals to be successful data science professionals in Israel.

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Our intensive 9-month, 20-hour week online education program is designed to solve industry needs. You pay no tuition until you get a job. 

Our next cohort in Israel starts in September 2021.

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Become a data science professional.

Data science is a complex and intricate process. It is comprised of collecting and structuring data, forming and testing hypotheses, identifying patterns, and drawing conclusions.

Professionals in this field are essential in business, administration, and science. They master Data Preprocessing, Machine Learning models and Natural Language Processing, while working with fundamental tools such as SQL, Python and its libraries.

Our mission is to teach you how to best use these tools. Sounds good? Take a look at the syllabus

What our graduates say:

Amit Alon

Data Scientist, KHealth

Tsahhi Sharon

Senior Business analyst, Wix

Tamara Reuveni

Knowledge Delivery Manager, Cognyte

"This was exactly what I was looking for. I don’t have professional experience and the course gave me great background"

"The program was very interesting and intensive. It gave me all the technical aspects I was looking. An invaluable experience."

"I highly recommend the program! It provides hands-on coding practice, projects use real data, the instructions are clear, there's always productive feedback."



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Data Scientist

Data Analyst

Business Analyst

Data Engineer

Product Analyst

Marketing Analyst

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